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Meet LACJ’s PA Executive Board Members

We are so excited to introduce our PA Executive Board Members!

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Michele Sweeting-DeCaro

PA President

Michele Sweeting-DeCaro is our PA President. Michele is Wife to Louis, Son to Louis (9th grader), Professor, Pastor, and Gospel Vocalist. Michele uses her life coaching skills to present workshops on writing trauma, which she presented at one of our PA meetings. "I love working with the HSLACJ community--we are better together as we use our presence and voice to encourage, create, and innovate!

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Magda Madariaga

Our Secretary

A proud mother, a teacher, glad to serve our community. Mom to one of our 12th graders.


Dina Davis

Our Treasurer

A hard working mother to a 12th grader, generous and willing to help. Dina has helped us personally with her time and ideas, she also helped our school financially, which we greatly appreciate!