College Readiness

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(Video on how AP classes change lives)

*You can ask the AP teachers for copies of their syllabi for our current classes. The teachers are Ms. Gionti, Ms. Durogene, Ms. Richard, Ms. Sarmiento, Ms. Fryer and Ms. C. Jackson.

Ethnic Studies
Race and American Society: The African-American Experience. A survey course exploring the African origins of Africa-Americans and examining slavery, the Abolitionist movement, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Segregation, African American migration from the south, Urbanization, the Civil Rights Movement.

English 101
College Composition I. The fundamentals of composition, including sentence and paragraph development, diction, and style. Examination of essay structure and development. Assigned themes introducing such rhetorical forms as description, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, argumentation.
College Summit Peer Leaders
Niasha Nelson
Maria Torralba
Michelle Pereyra
Rocio Siri
Catherine Henriquez
Tyree Etheridge
Elizabeth Santana
Nichelle Brown

How to become a College Summit Peer Leader
Process to apply:

  1. Must be a rising senior
  2. Interview with Peer Leaders and College Summit Team
  3. Transcript Review
  4. Letter of Recommendation from a classmate that is not a friend delivered to Ms. Bradford.


  1. Attend a 4 day workshop on a college campus during the summer of 2014. Learn about the about the college application process but you also learn how to respect others and where they come from. Learn how it is to live on campus.
  2. Lead the senior class through the college application process and support the teacher in the College Summit class.
  3. Help motivate peers to complete the college application process.
  4. Be responsible for your 12 students and hold them accountable to completing their process. Be willing to follow up.
  5. Have most of your college application process planned out in the summer.
  6. Attend meetings twice a month.
  7. Outspoken, be proactive, get along well with others, have patience and be willing to share your knowledge.
  8. Help 9th-11th graders prepare for college.


Why students should take an AP Class
FAFSA Worksheet in English
FAFSA Worksheet in Spanish